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Who We Are

My Name is Sasha.  A number of years ago Spencer, Finn and I traveled to Africa to partake in a wild safari that would later become known as the beginning of the Sasha Spencer Stories.  You see, our life changing journey really began when it was time to return home to our people, Sarah and Maddie.  We were at the Kitty Hawken Air Field, ready to board our flight when Spencer found his way into an open-air cafe that served Ostrich Burgers. Never had I heard of such a thing as an Ostrich Burger but leave it to Spencer.  Once he got a taste of his newly found delicacy, he simply would not leave the Cafe.  And Finn, being the lovable, amiable pup he was, kept Spencer company, happy to fetch his buddy another burger upon request.   The only way I could get Spencer onto the plane was to promise him we would open our very own Ostrich Burger Cafe!

While in Northern Africa, we met our friend Meghan, a Uromastyx, who traveled home with us and was instrumental in facilitating the purchase of a number of burgers for the flight and a recipe to begin our own cafe.

What is most interesting about our tales are the striking similarities to the people in our lives. You see, unbeknownst to most humans, we as animals have traits that mirror the humans we identify with.  As for me,  I'm all about the person who saved me from near starvation when I was just a little runt.  Ok, not all, but mostly.  My human doesn't travel via a pink scooter, nor wear cat glasses.  But the kindness, confidence, and love for all my family, are qualities we have in common.   I'll let the others introduce themselves.  Just know, that we are very much loved by our people and they spoil us, wherever and whenever they can.  In return, we provide them with unconditional love and a whole bunch of laughs.